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Education Fairs

The great way for students to learn about educational opportunities in the United States.

Benefits for Students:

These events bring students and parents face-to-face with representatives from dozens of accredited colleges, universities, community colleges, language institutes and boarding schools. You can:

  • Gather valuable information about potential schools and the US culture
  • Discuss future plans directly with a school representative
  • Ask questions about admissions, visa policies, and academic programs
  • Save yourself a lot of time and headaches

To ensure the education fairs are legitimate, always consider:

  • How well established is the fair organizer?
  • Do the US State Department, US Department of Commerce or US Embassy support the program?
  • Will organizers provide translators for family members who don't speak English?
  • What is the caliber of schools attending the fair?
  • Would you like to recruit more international students?


Learn More About our Fairs:


Korea Study Abroad Fair


Taiwan Education Fair

Benefits for Schools:

AIEF's Education Fairs are some of the most respected student recruitment fairs in Asia. These fairs take place in three of the world's six largest markets for international students in the United States - China (#1), Korea (#3) and Taiwan (#5).

Since 1992, American International Education Foundation (AIEF) have hosted student fairs semi-annually in Taiwan. These are now considered the region's premier events. In Spring 2000, AIEF launched China's first and largest student recruitment fair supported by both the Chinese and US governments. More than 23,000 attended this groundbreaking event. AIEF continues to host well-respected fairs in the Chinese market. Due to this success, we were asked to launch a student recruitment fair in Korea, beginning fall 2001.

AIEF's student recruitment fairs have been supported by the US State Department, US Chamber of Commerce, Fulbright Foundation, China's Ministry of Education and the American Institute in Taiwan, which functions as an embassy.

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