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Fall 2018 Education Fair Registration (Korea)

Fair Sign Up

The following is the official registration form for AIEF's Education Fairs. By completing this form, you are committing to participate in the selected AIEF Education Fair(s) and are accepting the fair participation terms.

Payment Terms:
Amounts are payable by check in U.S. currency. Please make your check payable to AIEF or wire transfer.

Fair Cancellations:
To cancel your fair participation, please email a written statement to Written requests are the only accepted method of cancellation. Your cancellation will be finalized upon your receiving a confirmation reply from AIEF. No charges will be incurred for cancellations made by July 31, 2018. Cancellations made between August 1st, 2018 and August 31, 2018 will incur a cancellation fee of $600 per fair city. Cancellations made after August 31, 2018 will incur the full price of the fair(s).


Fair booths must be chaperoned by school representatives during all fair hours. See fair itinerary for fair hours.

Each institution registration includes one primary school representative; this individual must be authorized by a campus-based official prior to the fair and must be present at the fair booth. Primary school representatives are eligible to attend scheduled AIEF events before/during/after the fairs. These representatives may not be substituted by any other representative.

Additional representatives may be pre-registered for USD $65 per person per city to receive an AIEF fair name badge and to attend scheduled AIEF events before/during/after the fairs. On-site helper(s) may also be registered on-site for KRW 10,000 per person per city to receive an AIEF fair name badge.

All school representatives at the booth must wear an authorized AIEF standard name badge at all times during the fair. Alumni and friends who do not have a name badge are not permitted to be in the designated booth area at any time during the events.

School representatives must confine all materials and activities to their contracted booth space. Recruiting students in an aisle way or any location outside of their assigned booth is prohibited by AIEF.

Korean speaking interpreters are available for a fee of $110 per day for the fair. They can be requested on the optional services form that you will fill out after your registration is received.

All exhibitors are prohibited from displaying signage or disseminating materials at their booths from other businesses, educational organizations, political organizations, associations, or any other entities without obtaining advance written permission from AIEF.

In the event of fire, strike, war, or any other unforeseen occurrence that renders the fulfillment of the fair impossible, AIEF may, at AIEF's option, terminate, cancel, or change the fair dates, venue locations, and fair programs. Under such circumstances, AIEF shall notify the fair participants as early as is practical. AIEF shall not be financially liable for such changes.

You may request a double booth at the price of $5,500. If you have any questions email
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