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American Education Fair in Taiwan

About American Education Fair in Taiwan

American Education Fair is a bi-annual event was co-organized by American Education Center (located in Taipei, Taiwan) and American International Education Foundation (located in California, USA), for the purpose of promoting American education in Taiwan. It also serves as a platform for U.S. educational institutions to recruit Taiwan students to study in the United States. AIEF has been successfully organizing American Education Fair in Taiwan since 1992.

Event Dates

  • Spring (March)
  • Fall (October)


China Petroleum Corp. (CPC) building, located close to the famous landmark Taipei 101.


A total of 1,191 student data was collected from the event, including the pre-fair student activities as well as the registration during the latest Fall 2015 fair.

Promotion Activities

Extensive pre-Fair publicity and promotional activities were administered by American Education Center prior to the fair. Activities included extensive coverage via social networks and radios. Dr. Kyu Park from Northeastern Illinois University was interviewed on ICRT, an English radio station in Taiwan. Ms. Sara Tsou from American Education Center was interviewed on Fu-Hsing Radio Station, a major Chinese radio station in Taiwan. In addition, American Education Center also launched various promotional activities via the following channels:

  • Seminars at various local school campuses, public libraries and AEC Center
  • Text messages via Internet and mobile devices
  • Printed flyers and news releases
  • E-News and E-Announcements to prospective students
  • Website announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Online banners advertisements on various major local websites
  • Invitations and fair posters were distributed to local schools, including major language institutes, bilingual high schools and regional universities


Several School representatives conducted seminars at the Fair venue. Seminar topics included “Real World Education Entertainment, Media & Arts Industry & Technology” by Full Sail University; “Save up to 50% on your college tuition: Learn about the best kept secrets of two-year colleges” by Cascadia College; “Find your Future at Northeastern in Chicago” by Northeastern Illinois University; “Share my Study and Career life in the U.S.A.” by a previous AEC student, Edward Lee, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University; and etc.

Student Tracking System and Student Database

As one of the feature services of American Education Fair in Taipei, student data are collected through a student tracking system during the fair and it is Free to all participant schools. The student tracking system identifies prospect students who visited each school’s booth. At the Fair entrance, each visitor will be assigned a serial number, which will be recorded in a visitor’s log by student volunteers at each booth. At the Fair end, American Education Center in Taipei collects the logs from each booth and completes all information into a student database. Once the data verification is done, student data will be sent to each participating school according to the visiting log at each booth.

Fair Guide, Publication and UScampus website

Complimentary copies of the 2015 Fall Fair Guide were distributed to all Fair visitors. The Fair Guide covered participant schools’ profiles with brief introductions, venue layout, seminar schedules, school advertisements, and articles regarding studying in the U.S.A. Reference materials, such as books, catalogs, and UScampus Website were on display at the fair to help students search for information about study in the USA.


Past Events


Upcoming Fairs


Fair Registration

AIEF is the exclusive organizer for the American Education Fair in Taiwan, please contact us if you are interested or have any question.