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What You Should Know


The Importance of Student Medical Insurance

For international students, student medical and accident insurance coverage is mandatory, without which registration to schools will be denied. Because the medical cost in the US is very expensive and difficult for most students to afford, all schools demand that international students purchase adequate medical and accident insurance coverage. In addition, individuals without medical insurance will have great difficulty receiving prompt medical attention.

Insurance Purchased Outside the US

Medical insurance purchased outside the US does not apply in the US because insurance companies outside the US do not accept and process payment requests from US hospitals and clinics. Likewise, insurance purchased outside the US is not accepted in the US due to differences in medical payment processing systems and procedures. There is no way for hospitals and clinics in the US to verify with the policy issuing organization on the scope or applicability of the coverage for payment requests.

Medical Insurance Cannot Be Replaced by Life or Travel Accident Insurance

Life insurance is only applicable when loss of life occurs; Travel Accident insurance is applicable only for injuries or loss of life as a result of an accident. Ordinary illness, emergency evacuation or repatriation of remains, etc. are only covered by medical and accident insurance.

Medical Insurance Provided by Schools has Restrictions and Limitations

When students do not have adequate medical coverage, schools will provide opportunities for international students to purchase medical and accident insurance. In most cases, students have the option of choosing their own coverage, resulting in varying premium rates. Some schools include insurance as part of the overall tuition. Students should verify their school's policy on insurance provisions. Most schools will accept private insurance when students present proof of adequate medical coverage.

In general, medical insurance program provided by school provides reasonable coverage, However, for your own protection, students should check on the flexibility and restrictions of these programs and shop around for other good insurance overages with more flexibilities and better rates. Listed below are a few points for your attention:

Is semester break covered same as during semester?
Is student health center closed for holidays/breaks, leaving students seeking outside services at higher cost?
Is the program applicable for transfer of school, or applicable to other states?
Is the program early-terminable?

Be Selective When Purchasing Medical Insurance

When purchasing medical insurance, be selective. Other than the premium rate, also take into consideration of maximum benefits, annual deductible, co-payments, pre-existing period, other restrictions, etc. Compare and understand different programs before you decide and make your purchase.

UScampus Health & Accident Insurance Plan

American International Education Foundation (AIEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the information gap between international students and U.S. educational institutes. AIEF offers a well-round membership plan which benefits members in various perspectives. Since all U.S. schools require international students and scholars to carry medical and accident insurance, AIEF works with the insurance company to customize an “UScampus Health & Accident Insurance Plan” it is an all-inclusive yet low-cost group health insurance and is only offered to AIEF members.