AIEF is a non-profit organization providing international student services.

Since 1992 the Foundation has been dedicated to bridging the information gap between international students and U.S. academic institutions. Some ways AIEF facilitates this is through international recruitment fairs, going to fair as representatives for institutions, and providing cross-cultural leadership and education opportunities.


International Recruitment Fairs

AIEF has hosted the U.S. pavilion at educations fairs in Seoul and Busan, South Korea as well as Taipei, Taiwan and new in 2019: Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, and Finland. At these pavilions, we provide a venue for U.S. schools to meet prospective students to study in the United States. 


AIEF has provided services to students in more than 70 nations, however, its programs have been particularly strong in China and Taiwan. China, Korea and Taiwan represent three of the top five markets sending international students to the United States.


AIEF Partnerships

We proudly partner with HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership: to bring students from China, Taiwan, and locally from California together to grow as leaders both here in California and at WLC event in Chicago.  AIEF is also helping expand HOBY into parts of Asia, bringing youth leadership opportunities to students abroad.

U.S. Education Overseas

AIEF's mission is to increase the accessibility of U.S. education internationally, because we believe the United States has one of the world's finest higher education programs.


Studying in the country allows international students to learn first hand about the U.S. democratic values, governmental structure, and economic system. 

As a result, this educational exchange encourages increased understanding between the U.S. and other countries - a prerequisite for world peace and prosperity.

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As a community service, AIEF agreed in 2018 to act as the temporary fiscal agent for the Los Angeles Chinese American Cultural Center (LACACC).

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