This Global Vision Trip will nurture communication, collaboration, and leadership skills in students all while they’re making new friends and discovering China. While there, students will have the opportunity to work with children with Down’s syndrome helping them to build self-confidence. They will also get a chance to sight-see in China, and have hands-on experiences with Chinese culture.


Highlights include:

Calligraphy, Chinese paper cutting, teaism (tea ceremony), ikebana (flower arranging), Kun Opera, bamboo weaving, embroidery, and much more!


Dates: July 27th, 2018 to August 7th, 2018

For: ages 13-17

Global Vision Trip Mission Statement

AIEF developed its’ Global Vision Trip out of a desire to continue to expose students ages 13-17 to areas around the world in hopes of broadening horizons while opening hearts and minds to partnerships with other countries and cultures. 

This experience is both an exciting and challenging time as students will have the opportunity to get outside of their comfort zone to spend time with disadvantaged populations of other countries (for example children with Down’s Syndrome in China 2018) while also eating new foods, hearing new languages, and seeing heritage sites that the country visited holds so dear. 


Our hope is that students return as openhearted leaders and stronger individuals having pushed themselves in new situations. AIEF hopes they will be better prepared to welcome people from different cultures and also that they would return with a greater understanding of how to work with others cooperatively in their own sphere of influence.

These experiences will be tools that help shape their world view in the future and hopefully encourage them to live with a spirit of adventure and exploration that will foster greater peace between cultures in their home communities and the world at large.

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