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Boguen Youth China Internship (BYCI) internships offered through the BYCI Network provide meaningful summer experiences for current high school students and college-age alumni of the BYCI partner schools in a variety of fields and areas in China inside and beyond the classroom. The BYCI program also helps to extend students’ community involvement to an international scale by living, working and growing abroad in China. Hands-on experiences such as working with humanitarian organizations and teaching in local summer schools give participants a distinct perspective about China’s social, economic and political reality. Through interaction, exploration, participation and reflection, students return with a better understanding of their world and their role within it.  During the trips in China, students put their education into action, drawing on language skills and lessons from Habits of Mind to face challenges and enjoy unforgettable moments. This can further foster in students a desire to contribute to the welfare of a diverse community preparing them to adapt and lead in this ever-globalized era... student may also receive financial aids and even academic credit.

Images from past trips

Program highlights for Summer 2020 (June-July)




High tech and AI institutes; the Huawei Empire 



Gateway for the early Chinese migrants to overseas, Jimei Schools



Farming of mountaineers, Hope School



It’s a historic capital for 6 dynasties and a modern hub, so much more than the famous terra-cotta warriors. Its rich history mixes with contemporary cultural appeal and the natural attractions of Mt. Hua’s peaks. Mt. Hua is revered as one of the five great mountains of China. Hua Shan has five distinct granite peaks surrounding a vast of dome structure, much of which cut directly into the stone angles that would give a Yosemite ranger pause. People of all ages clambered along the cliffs, clinging to heavy metal chains that lined the riskier sections of an extensive network of trails laced the peaks. The Plank Walk can be a side trip near the South Peak. Hikers wear a harness and clip onto a cable strung along the route.  The long day of ascending 3 peaks covering miles of wintry tracks is rewarding, replete with smiling faces experiencing China’s scenery on a more micro level.  

Two things visitors to China need to experience: history and the modern development, Xi’an offers both! A massive Belt and Road Initiative underway is designed to connect China with other parts of Asia, Europe and Africa, that will create infrastructure for a trade network linking two-thirds of the world’s population.  Xi’an, in the center of the country, is a natural hub, while most of China’s biggest cities sit to the east.  Xi’an, with its current 8.6 million urban population was the first city in China where Islam took hold about 1400 years ago, funneled here by the way of the Silk Road along with other cultures and religions. A few mosques serve the community of 50,000 Muslims, among these is the beautiful Great Mosque, the oldest in China, now the Muslim Quarter, undeniably touristy, but the smells and the vibe were reason enough for return visits. 

--- Assistant teaching internship @ local summer camps

Internship Requirements: 

To be considered for a summer internship, please complete the following steps:

1. Review the program descriptions 

2. Complete the application form

3. Submit by Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, at 12 p.m. (PST) 

4. Wait for notification of interview and complete placement procedure if selected.

5. Notification of placements will be finalized by Sunday, March 29, 2020. 

6. If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact the director at


Important Dates 2020:  

1/12- internship applications available


2/28- Applications due

3/1-3/20 Interview

3/29- Acceptance Notice

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